Extricom EXSW-800 8 Port wireless switch

Extricom EXSW-800 8 Port Interferemce free wireless switch

Part number: EXSW-800
Mfg.Part No.: EXSW-800

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Extricom EXSW-800 8 Port Interferemce free wireless switch

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The Extricom WLAN uses a single wireless Switch for the entire network. It is the Switch that provides the unique capabilities of the Extricom WLAN. The wireless Switch is connected to the enterprise network using standard CAT-5 wires. The Switch is the single device in the WLAN deployment that requires configuration. Configuring the entire enterprise deployment is as simple as configuring a single traditional AP. This reduces to a great extent the attention required by IT managers when deploying and maintaining an Extricom WLAN.

The Extricom Switch allows APs to be placed as close together as necessary to provide high-quality, high-speed connectivity from all locations within the enterprise. Like with wired networks, Extricom's WLAN is indifferent to the placement of individual APs. This eliminates the need for cell planning, as well as RF site surveys and maintenance.

The EXSW-800 switch is the building block for an enterprise-grade, high-capacity and campus-wide coverage WLAN. With the EXSW-800, multiple channel blankets can be deployed over the same service area, enabling the enterprise to tailor the WLAN to support different types of users and applications, concurrently and without performance degradation. The 8-port switch can be used alone or with multiple switches, to meet the requirements of crowded enterprise environments of any size or variation.


8x100 baseT Ethernet ports with 802.3af PoE WLAN
1 auto negotiating 10/100 ethernet port LAN
Configurable 11/36/48/54 MBps data rate for each channel
GUI, XML and CLI interfaces available for management
Remote and Local Logging
802.11i encryption including: WEP-64, WEP-128, WPA-TKIP and WPA2-AES
RADIUS and WPA-PSK Authentication