FatPipe Networks™ is the inventor and multiple patents holder of router clustering technology for the deployment of mission critical Internet/WAN access. FatPipe enables enterprises to deploy highly reliable, always available, optimized, and secure WANs with its suite of products. FatPipe appliances, based on patented router clustering technology, provide load-balancing, bandwidth optimization, acceleration and security enhancement for enterprise wide communication. FatPipe appliances ensure continuous and effective operation of mission critical applications independent of the underlying communication technology.

FatPipe WARP - is a router-clustering device for companies that host internal servers that require reliability and redundancy for inbound and outbound IP traffic. WARP's technology transcends failures to the ISP, routers, lines, or backbones, keeping WAN infrastructures intact.  WARP features FatPipe's patented and patent pending technology, including SmartDNS™ and RAIL™ technology. FatPipe® WARP aggregates up to three T3s (higher speeds available) over multiple ISPs and backbones or the same ISP with different POPs for the highest level of redundancy, reliability and speed of inbound and outbound Internet traffic over a Wide Area Network. WARP is perfect for mid-size ASPs, ISPs, and corporations that want redundant access to internal servers.

FatPipe MPVPN - takes any VPN and makes it three times more redundant and nine times more secure. Featuring FatPipe's SmartDNS™ and RAIL™ technology that provides redundancy and dynamic load balancing of inbound and outbound IP traffic, MPVPN is the only device of its kind for VPNs.   Also features MPSec™ for security.

FatPipe KOMPRESSOR - is a packet based compression device that improves your wide area network performance by increasing speed up to three times. Return on investment is typically 2-3 months.

FatPipe IPVPN - is the only product on the market that can bond private and public data connections to make it easy for companies to backup their private networks with a public managed VPN or to migrate out of private to a managed service.  IPVPN comes in several flavors, staring with the 2 Mbps units, a better fit for small to medium size companies as well as branch offices of large corporations.

FatPipe Spam Police - is a network appliance that eliminates junk email and helps protect your network from harmful viruses.  FatPipe Spam Police is a separate server and screens out spam before it reaches your internal email server. Filtering out unwanted email before reaching employees increases corporate productivity and protects employees from potentially offensive and corrupting emails. Your email severs offloads analyzing of emails for spam, thus making it more efficient.

aggregate multiple routers for highly reliable and redundant Internet access. SUPERSTREAM is well suited for applications that require high bandwidth, and a high degree of reliability and redundancy such as VPNs, Thin Clients, Intranets and e-commerce for branch offices of large corporations and small to medium size companies.

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