FatPipe MPVPN transmits data over multiple WAN lines to provide increased speed, reliability and redundancy as well as added security for the data transfer, without the need for complicated BGP programming. By transmitting data over a combination of multiple routers, lines and providers, the security of data transfer is increased up to nine times.

MPVPN enables bi-directional data transmission over multiple VPN paths, providing customers with the confidence that MPVPN will keep their VPNs “up” at all times regardless of router, ISP, line or backbone failures on one or two carriers. MPVPN allows companies to maximize the reliability, redundancy and speed of their VPN infrastructures while only requiring one VPN unit profile life. 

  • MPVPN is compatible with IPSec and other encryption protocols
  • MPVPN provides additional levels of security due to its patented transmission technique called MPSec
  • MPSec™ sends data packets randomly over multiple lines simultaneously, providing up to nine times the security of data transactions
  • System Administrators can view line and router performance remotely by using its web based
    management tools
  • Emergency e-mails and pages are sent immediately in case of failure.
  • The MPVPN can be rebooted, and the System Administrator can change the router speeds despite locations.
  • MPVPN ensures the highest possible security, reliability and redundancy for VPNs
    MPVPN can work with T3/E3s, T1/E1s, DSL or 56K
  • MPVPN aggregating multiple connections providing up to three times the speed, redundancy and reliability of a company’s Internet connections from its branch office locations, at low c.
    MPVPN is available in two speeds: 50 Mbps version and 2 Mbps version (for small branch offices)

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