FatPipe KOMPRESSOR is a packet based compression networking device that increases network capacity and speed up to three times by compressing packet payload and eliminating redundant data traffic over a WAN KOMPRESSOR significantly increases your network s throughput without having to upgrade your line connections (e g :from DSL to a T1 or a T1 to a T3) bringing significant cost savings to you immediately.



Benefit from faster WAN connectivity by integrating KOMPRESSOR into your network without making any additional changes to your network s WAN infrastructure Sitting at the edge of a LAN KOMPRESSOR is application technology and hardware independent.

With Fatpipe Kompressor - 

          Increase network speed and capacity up to three times

          Monitor and document the speed of your network using KOMPRESSOR's speed chart or speed meter

          Quick ROI by optimizing your network's bandwidth capacity; you will not have to purchase or lease more expensive lines to accommodate your bandwidth needs

Without FatPipe Kompressor

          Experience bottlenecking or pay higher monthly fees for more bandwidth for your network

          Purchase separate software to monitor speeds on your network

          Have to purchase more bandwidth to support high demands and usage of your IP applications including email, databases, VoIP, web browsing, and mobile IP applications

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