FatPipe IPVPN is the only product of its kind that works with multiple managed VPN service providers to achieve the highest level of reliability, redundancy, speed and security for IP transmissions. IPVPN provides traffic optimization and enhanced security with MPSec™ , and load-balancing for non-managed as well as Managed IP Services.

IPVPN also increases the security of data transmission -- up to three times -- using FatPipe's patented MPSec technology




  • Highest redundancy for managed services
  • WANs up to 3 times faster
  • WANs up to 3 times more secure
  • Web Based Management Tools to monitor speeds of routers, and check status of IP devices
  • Emergency e-mail and paging alerts
  • SmartDNS and RAIL technology for intelligent load balancing of IP traffic, including VOIP


Without IPVPN


  • No protection from single points of failure, including ISP, router and lines
  • Speed limited by single VPN connection
  • Data is sent over one line and vulnerable to hacking
  • Cannot monitor speed of routers, on-site personnel needed to implement or monitor changes to services and equipment
  • Need to purchase e-mail/paging programs
  • Must be on site to reboot

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