Spam Police

Eliminate junk email and protect your company from harmful viruses

Spam Police™ is designed to recover that time and money caused by spam abuse. The goal is to eliminate spam (or unwanted email) while retaining all the valuable email. Spam Police's powerful antispam Points System uses a highly structured approach that provides the world's most complete process for quickly identifying and blocking spam attacks. When email messages are sent, Spam Police analyzes them for spam, Phishing scams, and virus characteristics. End Users can customize individual settings, for Spam Police. Messages deemed spam are not passed along to the email server. A report is available for each message so that organizations know exactly why an email is or is not deemed spam. Email users will receive and read messages the same way they always have, but without sorting through all the junk email they received before Spam Police.

Spam Police also reviews 20,000+ virus signatures which are automatically updated 24 times a day to quarantine any viruses that may have infected the email. 

  • solates Spam - Begins working immediately to clean up email by separating spam from your legitimate email, increasing productivity. Spam emails are quarantined on the Spam Police unit freeing up resources on the email server to handle legitimate emails.
  • 15 Robust Analyzers - The highest number of analyzers of any antispam product on the market.
  • Easily Expandable - Multiple units can be linked together, simultaneously scanning incoming emails, thus increasing the speed and amount of emails processed.
  • Aggressive Virus Protection - Filters out virus infected emails and dangerous attachments.
  • Automatic Virus Updates - Antivirus update automatically every hour without the need for user intervention.
  • Flexibility - Works seamlessly with any mail server without making costly modifications to your existing mail server.
  • Easy Installation - Up and running very quickly with little configuration required.
  • Authentication Types - Native, Active Directory,and RADIUS. 
  • Statistical Reports - Works with various logging tools, such as WebTrends and SawMill, to offer detailed reports with graphs, bandwidth reports; email load by month, day or hour, and more.
  • Auto Responder - Respond automatically when on vacation, or other times you may not be able
    to respond to email.
  • HTML Removal - Remove links, detect and remove Phishing attempts, disable scripts, detect and remove web bugs, and eliminates return-receipt requested.
  • Robust Antivirus - Protect against known viruses by scanning executable attachments and scripts.
  • URL Detection Analyzer - Identifies fake URLs to prevent unsolicited Phishing scam email messages from reaching inboxes.
  • Turing Test - Spam Police Enterprise sends an email back to the sender and requires them to enter validation code for their message to be passed through to an inbox.
  • Power Filter - Powerful detection algorithms allowing for things such as detecting the presence of a US address, a telephone number, noncompliant HTML tags, etc.

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