Success Stories/Case Studies:



Medical Device Company



Servers to control oncology treatment system but due to high EMC in treatment room system has to be located a minimum of 150 feet away from equipment being controlled and image quality can not degrade.



Intel based aluminum unit with high performance video extender mounted and powered internally wired wired to custom designed output plate on rear with RJ45 outputs for video and USB and sound. System is located at least 150 feet away from medical equipment it is running with video, USB and sound running over Cat 5E cable.



Intel CPU

Intel Motherboard

Lian Lu Aluminum chassis

Gefen EXT-CAT5-1500 Video extender

Ram Technologies medical grade power supply
Customized cases and I/O plates

Interior Video/USB cables to rear panel 

Installed internal video extender-sender


Rear Video/USB converted to RJ45 output

Aluminum chassis with video extender-receiver