Barracuda Networks’ “Archiver / Backup Bundle Up” 2009
Aug 17 to Oct 31, 2009 - North America Only

With the Barracuda Networks’ 2009 “Archiver / Backup Bundle Up Promotion”, Barracuda Networks’ Customers can purchase any Barracuda Message Archiver model with any Barracuda Backup Server model and save 50% on the hardware cost of the lesser priced model.

The Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Backup Service are complementary products. The Barracuda Message Archiver helps with compliance, e-discovery, and reducing the storage load on the email server. The Barracuda Backup Service does a complete backup of the email server including logs, configuration files, and message level backup, allowing for fast restores.

·                      Barracuda Backup Service - provides integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery, minimizing storage and bandwidth requirements through deduplication.

·                      Barracuda Message Archiver - a complete email archiving solution, enabling users to effectively index and preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies, and achieve regulatory compliance.


Terms of Promotion:

1.                   Save 50% on the hardware cost of the lesser priced model

2.                   Subscriptions are not eligible with the bundle promotion

3.                   The bundle promotion expires on Oct 31, 2009 and is valid only in the US and Canada

4.                   A 30-day risk free trial applies returning any part of the bundle voids the discount

(If the more expensive product is returned, the remaining product will be billed at full price.)

Example Pricing:

Any Barracuda Message Archiver model can be paired with any Barracuda Backup Service Model.


Regular Pricing

Bundle Promotion Pricing


BMA 450



Promotional Pricing

BBS 690



No Change

3 Year Energize Updates for BMA 450


No Change

Monthly BU Plan for BBS

Plans starting at $50 for 100 GB

No Change